What is Awana?

Awana’s mission is to empower the local church with biblical, relevant, and easy to use discipleship resources. Our team works with your leaders to support your vision for children, youth, and parent ministries.


With more than 25 million kids in Vietnam, there is a lot of work to be done. We know that if we are to reach every girl and boy with the gospel, it is going to be done through the work of the local church and families. We value relationships with leaders and parents and want to support them in the relational discipleship of young people. Since 1976, Awana has resourced, trained, and supported churches and parents with bibilcal resources that help kids see their great value and purpose in Christ. Helping kids Belong to a community that loves them, Believe and receive God’s word, and Become lifelong followers of Jesus. That is our ultimate goal.


Leaders reach kids! It is through the work of loving and caring adults that kids experience the love of our Father and see the Bible in action. Our goal is to ensure that leaders and parents feel equipped with great biblical resources that give them confidence to dig into God’s word. Our team is ready to provide curriculum, training, and support to implement safe Awana ministries. We want to build your confidence and knowledge in sharing the gospel and help you understand how to tackle culturally relevant issues. We are here to support your ministry with our resources and experience.


We need to reach kids here in Vietnam; the world is coming to Vietnam and the mission field is ready for harvest. Your church could be investing in the life of a future pastor, business leader, politician, or global missionary. We believe the world will be changed by the lives of the young people we reach today. There is also an opportunity for children in Vietnam to be impacted by the world around them. Each year our Vietnamese team advances the gospel internationally through an AwanaGO initiative. Through this campaign and the resources provided by our team, kids learn to think missionally and to see the world as God sees it. They have the opportunity to make a real difference through their engagement with the campaign — their letters, prayers, and fundraising efforts, support the advancement of the gospel abroad through the provision of resources and humanitarian aid.